I have spent the last two days in watching Gossip girl
Now, I am really excited to talk sth about it. and I want to talk this
in English.
If I can not completely express my feeling in this second language, I
hope my Chinese will help a litttle.
For God sake, I love American accent

Wow, so many I want to talk, then sudddently, I can not find a word to
ok , let’s begin with my favourite one :Blair —Queen B
I love B, she is the girl who should live in the ferry tale. She is
gorgeous. Every time, she show up,
you can not move your eyes from her. her drseeing, her hair style, her
way of speaking, every thing,
so attractive. Even some times you think she is bitch who slept with two
guys in one week. Who cares,
that just our Queen B

then it’s our original leading actress: Serena Van De Woodsen, it is a
French name, I guess. I like the name.
I was attrracted by her gloomy eyes in the first sight. You can not
resisit those eyes, it seems some really
sad stoties happened to her. and her smile, nice ,no doubt. just likeDan
said, her smile like a four years old
kid. but, I do not fancy about her sometimes. She shows like too
perfect. it’s a classic story about bad girl
turns into a good one. but it is tolly editor’s opinion. No one can
change so completely in real life. So that’s
another reason I like B. She is so real. She have a clear understanding
of how to survive in their circle. her
little trick, also work in most the time. B.t.w, Serena is much better
looking than she is in the travlling pants

Chuck Bass—not the guy I like. But, when he saveD Nate form the trap,I
am kind of admiring him,
who acts like a hero.I do not know wheather he will go to Europe with
Blair. Apparently, his father’s
speech about responsibility scared him. anyway, he will grow up, maybe
now it is too early for him.
The only reason I like him because he is also real ,not fake like some
he is bad and he admit it, that’s the point. be my friends or stay away
from me, that’s your choice, not mine

Nate—-what can I say. He is so handsome and cute ^^. you can not stop
falling love with him.
He is princess Charming.He is handsome (I mentionded it before), polite,
considered, well-behaved.
He is the dream in every girl’s dream. You can not say God is fair, if
he creat some guy like Nate. he
always looks gloomy. He may hestatied in doing some decision, but he is
enough to treat his friends and family. he is a good guy. I may do not
like him so much, still charming.
look at this picture, it is not hard to find reason.

Lily—-I love her. She is amazingliy beautiful. Like mother, like
daughter. no, Serena is not as graceful as her mother.
Lily is always exquisite when she shows up, as a lady in the portray.

Dan: it is just so so . He may be tallent, humorous, good student,
still, little bit fake.
When he scared about being found in the swinmming pool, his behaviour is
not so cool.
We can not blame on him. He comes from the different world. but he
slept with Geogiana, unforgivable, definitely.

Little Jenny—- another blonde girl. she tries so hard to get involved
in the society
which do not belong to her. so lucky for her ,do not lose famliy’s
support and love.
We can not look down upon jenny, because there is a little jenney in
everyone’s heart.
we want to get involved in those amazing world,but if we can not , then
do not pretend
 we belong to them. so hard and not worthy.
I can not buy Gucci, but I can watch it in the tv and I can buy the
Guess. enough for me.
Every decision you make will decide what kind of person you would be.
so be wise, girls.


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